Integrating intelligent AI solutions with facilities management


Facilities Management as an industry has seen a transformational shift, with rising trends of integrating advanced technologies within FM operations and the digitisation of fundamental elements of day-to-day activities. Covid only further accelerated this trend as people didn’t want people in buildings and wanted more automation. Among the various trends, leading regional and international FM service providers have implemented intelligent AI technology in their systems to increase operational efficiency and conserve energy which goes hand-in-hand with companies looking to achieve net-zero and ESG goals and control overall energy usage.

As FM service providers, we exploit this technology and use it to enhance our services in a way that benefits the customer and the society as a whole.

In terms of AI technologies used in FM, we, at Inspire Integrated, use multiple solutions that cater to all areas of the business. Facilities Management comprises various aspects and we work with our experienced technical team to develop unique solutions that enhance efficiency across these different aspects.

Through machine learning, our software PropEzy integrates AI with Building Management System (BMS), giving AI the control of systems across the building.

AI integrated buildings have the ability to collect information from different data points and systems, analyse that information, then use it to make decisions and apply changes that would make subsystems across the building work more efficiently.

For example, AI can collect information about the weather forecast, outside and inside temperatures, building occupancy, working schedules, etc. and based on that decide fresh air allocation, how to optimise the variable frequency driven chillers etc. The more we apply this concept across different aspects and subsystems in the building, the more efficient our operations become and the more energy and resources are conserved.

At Inspire Integrated, we implement a series of AI-powered solutions as such, each serving distinctive purposes. We then connect them all through our PropEzy platform, which is a digitised software that amalgamates systems and operations from the built environment and unifies all the data on one system.

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